Sconnect International Animation Training Academy

Expose your talents in animation world

About Sconnect

Established on September 17, 2014

SCONNECT is a leading enterprise in Vietnam in the field of MMO (Make Money Online). We have the strengths to produce educational and entertaining videos in the international market, especially on some platforms such as: YouTube, Facebook, TikTok,.... SCONNECT started out as a small YouTube content production unit, with no capital, no experience. Our products mainly exploit online content. Over time, Sconnecters have always shown a serious effort to learn and constantly improve the quality of our content, along with a breakthrough in thinking - dare to think big, do big, always be creative, and ambitious to conquer the strict standards on the global market.
As a result, up to now, SCONNECT is proud to be a manufacturer of valuable educational products with meaningful messages and highly positive entertainment for all ages, from children to mature audiences. Products and content are diverse in categories: 2D, 3D, Stop motion, Edited videos… Our 2D animation channel is ranked Top 50 most searched channels in the US. Along with the development of a powerful channel system, Sconnect launched Sconnect International Animation Training Academy with the goal of supplying human resources for Sconnect and other businesses in the animation industry.

Achievements acquired


Gold Buttons & 60 Silver Buttons


video content with the brand WOA NETWORK


young dynamic staff

2.5 billion

followers per month on
the whole channel system

Key developments of SCONNECT


2014 – 2015

  • Company size: 12 employees
  • Main products: Edited videos
  • Achievement: 100,000,000 views/month and a system of potential channels


  • Company size: 64 employees
  • Main products: Cartoons for kids, Stop motion Animation Contents, Edited videos
  • Achievement: 300,000,000 views/month and a variety of develeoped channels


  • Company size: over 400 employees
  • Main products: 2D, 3D Cartoons for kids, teenagers,…; E-Commerce; Sconnect Academy;…
  • Achievement: 2,500,000,000 views/month; Top 1 successful Vietnamese company in the field of MMO on YouTube; One of the leading MMO Companny in the world.

Typical channels