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Wolfoo is dominating YouTube for kids

With a billion monthly views and counting, Wolfoo takes young preschool-aged children around the world on magical adventures

Wolfoo is an animated web series for preschool-aged children that has attracted more than one billion monthly views on YouTube. Directed and produced by SCONNECT, a Vietnam-based entertainment company which creates, produces, and distributes content for kids, teens, and adults, SCONNECT boasts more than 30 million subscribers across their YouTube and Facebook channels, which include WOA Luka Channel, Clay Mixer, LEGO Land, WOA Fairy Tales and more.

Children are drawn to cartoons as they are immersed in colourful and interesting adventures that explore the world around them. At Wolfoo, each episode is more than just entertainment. All the videos impart positive social life lessons and focus on the development of 12 personality traits and skills for children: courage, gratitude, compassion, empathy, humility, integrity, persistence, creativity, curiosity, self-control, teamwork and communication.

Wolfoo Family and Wolfoo Channel are the two most-subscribed Wolfoo channels on YouTube, with over five million subscribers. Wolfoo aims to engage children aged from 2 to 8-years-old through fun and educational content. The show has been dubbed into many different languages such as French, Spanish and Bahasa. This show now has more than a thousand episodes and each is approximately three minutes long.

The show revolves around the main character Wolfoo, a 5-year-old little wolf living on a hill in a small American village. Wolfoo is intelligent, nimble and eager to learn. He loves his sister, Lucy, and has confidence in a beautiful and loving world. Wolfoo and his friends explore the world around them through daily stories about family, friends, teachers and neighbours; through the modern objects of Dr. Kat; through a special and powerful friend named Alien; and through humanised objects. Episodes tend to feature daily energetic activities such as attending playgroups and outdoor activities, learning letters, numbers, animal sounds, colours and more.

The new Wolfoo series follows his exploration into different worlds such as a world of magic, a world filled with toys, pirates, and much more soon to air. Wolfoo will take fans on many fun-filled journeys and show Wolfoo evolve from a little shy wolf to a stronger and braver boy. Throughout this journey, Wolfoo will face difficult challenges and learn to adapt to a new world. Many surprises are waiting for Wolfoo’s fans all around the world.

The best is yet to come!