Sconnect International Animation Training Academy

Expose your talents in animation world

Education partner

SConnect Academy is the first academy in Vietnam to train stop motion animation making. In addition, the Academy also focuses on training in 2D, 3D animation, Cartoon design, MMO (Channel management and content creation on Youtube), …

Regarding the 3D animation production training series, we have prestigious and international partners such as Animation Mentor and Art Heroes

Animation Mentor is the first online animation school with a history of 15 years. Instructors are professional animators from major studios such as Pixar, DreamWorks and Industrial Light & Magic…

Sconnect cooperates with Animation Mentor in training experts at Sconnect Academy to improve the quality of instructors according to international animation standards

Art Heroes Academy teaches 3D art skills and techniques and helps young artists break through the animation industry.

Sconnect’s 3D trainers are also highly trained at Art Heroes, so we guarantee a source of quality instructors

Our training style is learning and practicing. Specifically, students who want to make films of any genre will learn the correct production technology process, which is communicated and taught by the lecturers in that field. After studying, you can start working. Therefore, learners and employees can shorten the training time in terms of capacity and income.

The courses at Sconnect Academy are designed to be short-term, but students still ensure the progress of knowledge acquisition and grasp the actual production process during practice at Sconnect Company.