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Clay Stop motion animation


  • Have talent of making handmade items with various materials: clay, lego, paper,…
  • Love cartoons and have a dream of working in the field of cartoon production


  • This course is designed to have short duration and be practical so that learners can have have enough knowledge about the whole production process in Sconnect.
  • From make characters, draw background, to apply 12 principles of animation and practice.


  • Overview of what a props specialist have to do
  • Principles of create and arrange background
  • Principles of making characters
  • The standards of using colors according to each scene
  • The standards of a suitable background
  • Ways of using colors to express the emotion in each scene
  • Setup light and camera
  •  Drawing characters
  • Making character bones with special tools
  • Shaping characters with clay and creating joints.
  • Creating complete characters for animation stage
  • Learning how to shape the expressions of characters
  • Various kinds of emotions: happy, scary, crying, suprising, angry, …
  • How to change the emotions of characters
  • 12 principles of animation (which ones are often used in making stop motion cartoon)
  • Practice applying basic principles in animation
  • Understand the logic of animation
  • The aims of activities which animators want to show audiences
  • Principles of animation
  • Know and apply the strong points of each kind of angles
    • Make a cartoon according to a script


  • Knowledge and skills which a Stop Motion animator must have
  • Dedicated guidance from teachers and mentors of Sconnect Academy
  • Career guidance after completing the course

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