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Kick off session before the start of 2D Animation Coure K01

In order to create a spirit of learning excitement and increase the experience for students when participating in the course at Sconnect Academy, the Kick off Ceremony is like a “Stimulating” event for you before 02 consecutive months of study.

On Kick off day, students learned about Sconnect Academy’s Mission Vision:

Ms. Pham Thi Phuong – City of Business Sconnect Academy presents the Academy’s Vision and Mission

Students exchange and play the game “Spirit shock”

Everybody is happy
Mr. Le Dang Khoa – 2D Animation Lecturer presents the course curriculum
Ms. Nguyen Minh Thao – Classroom manager disseminates classroom rules
Students share personal information and express their wishes when participating in the course
Students experience at BU 2D SCONNECT
Teachers exchange and answer questions for students
Mr. Nguyen Thai An – Lecturer of 2D Activity Analyzes the characteristics of 2D software
Let’s take a photo!

Let’s study hard together!

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