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Closing Ceremony of K01 Online Course Marking the epidemic season of Sconnect Academy

The K01 Scripting class is sponsored 100% by SCONNECT Company Scholarship for students who have completed the 2-month course. Thank you for trusting and accompanying Sconnect Academy!

Lễ Bế giảng Khóa Biên Kịch được tổ chức qua Zoom

Closing Lecture online but more spiritual than offline. The closing event was extremely honorable in the presence of: SCONNECT Board of Directors, Fairy Tales Project Manager, Sconnect Script Instructor and the entire K01 Script Class.

Today we are here to look back on the way we have gone, the knowledge learned and effective evaluation applied to the field we are pursuing.

Students who have gone to the end to complete the course with Sconnect Academy is a thing of great perseverance and effort. The Academy hopes that the knowledge you gain will be useful and applicable in your current work as well as in future career plans.

Please consider cooperating and joining with SCONNECT as soon as possible! The HCNS SCONNECT department always supports and advises the recruitment process enthusiastically with you!

The K02 scripting course will be opened on August 20, 2021. Registered students will be contacted by the Academy as soon as possible!

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