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Opening ceremone online MMO Class (Channel mannagement and content creation on Youtube) K01

There are many students who inbox and call Sconnect Academy to ask about the MMO course that they have registered for a whole month but still have not learned. Not only MMO, there are many other courses such as: 2D animation, 3D animation, Animation design, Stop motion animation, Post-production all had to stop due to the Covid epidemic. Faced with that learning need, today, at 13:30 on June 10, 2021, the opening ceremony of the MMO course was held. The Academy has changed the framework of the program with the way of waking up online and made appropriate adjustments to the form of learning via Zoom so that students can get the best results!

You guys participated very well and were excited about the course

Students from different businesses: currently a Youtuber, an online business, a freelance business, an office worker also want to learn about the MMO industry on the Youtube platform.

The course lasts 10 sessions in 2 weeks ! Students will learn:

MMO Career Trends – MMO business with Youtube.

Overview of production and business activities with Youtube

Why create content?

Content script creation

Editorial Content Creation

Avatar creation

Set of youtube policies and applications

Rules for distributing videos on Youtube

The set of important youtube output parameters

Responsibilities and duties of a content channel administrator

Operation and management process for a content channel on youtube

Strategies for using keywords to your advantage

Strategy for creating avatars to advantage

Strategy to increase the audience for the channel from within youtube

Strategies to drive customers to access channels from outside

Kỹ thuật gia tăng tương tác và các điểm lưu ý khi tương tác khách hàng trên kênh

Set of measurement indicators and data analysis techniques for channel evaluation and optimization

Common problems and solutions

Channel development planning

Presentation of the plan – Q&A – Supplement and completion

Closing – Award for excellent students/excellent plan

Action Now !

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