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Why should you choose Sconnect Academy to study animation?

The animation industry in particular and movies in general is considered the world’s billion-dollar entertainment industry. Surely many of you will be surprised and even doubtful when talking about animation training in Vietnam really has potential??? I guarantee it is VERY POTENTIAL. The reason is as follows:

(Staff animation Stop motion a> at SCONNECT)

Vietnamese film products in recent years have developed in content, actor’s quality and editing techniques. Specifically, the film responds to issues that reflect the reality of society, so it is well received by the audience. The actor has good form and good acting skills. Image quality, sound, effects… for movies are enhanced.

In terms of cartoons, entertainment is always appreciated, but combines elements that teach children life skills, create confidence for parents to let their children watch, learn and inspire for viewers. Previously, cartoons were dry, but now Films develop to new heights: inspiring life and dreams of dedication, fighting against evil, wishing to be beautiful, rich, and useful. , HERO inspiration, creativity. The way to handle the situation helps viewers know how to live with a goal orientation without losing the entertainment of the movie… And cartoons adapted into games are also trending among young people. Many young people have the desire to design their own movie channel.

Wolfoo Family 2D cartoon is loved by Vietnamese children

Vietnamese cartoons with themes of History, Fairy Tales, Gifts of Life, Life Skills, advertising children’s products… on Education channels, VTV7, VTV2, VTV3 are also welcomed by large and small audiences. receive.

The goal of film production is shifting from entertainment to commercial, so the frequency and content of movies is also more and more diverse. If before, Cartoons were only shown on TV, but now they are also shown on Youtube platforms, App Chanel, Netflix, HBO, Animation Channels such as: Disney, CNN, Pixar, Cartoon NetWork, Movie Shows theater… Children can watch it anytime, anywhere, easily switch movie channels according to their preferences.

Many private studios have formed and achieved success such as: SCONNECT Company, DEEDEE, Colour, BambooAnimation… These units know how to capture customer tastes and promptly produce many entertainment products. useful to keep viewers interested and satisfied.

Human resources for this field are DRINKING ! Units always have a need to recruit personnel with expertise and creative ideas to catch up with trends. Students are also LOOKING for a methodical and practical training facility to learn in tandem with practice, a guaranteed reputation for self-development, and pursuing career passions.

Sconnect Academy has the necessary conditions for you to believe in studying:

Strong SCONNECT Company Foundation – Huge demand for human resources now and in the future.

  • The International Animation Academy was born on the basis of the development of Sconnect Company – TOP 1 unit of animation production business on Youtube in Vietnam.
  • Sconnect boasts a system of nearly 200 Channels with a variety of content genres.
  • Human Resources 500 Experienced and dynamic staff to keep up with the trend. Strong financial potential ready to spend on potential new projects.
  • The production department operates the line standard: 2D, 3D, Stopmotion, Fairy Tales, Teen World , Facebook, Handmade, Cakes, Woa Parody…..

Super strong system-wide channel Traffic:

Strong staff – solidarity – high responsibility at work
Christmas SCONNECT personnel
Lecturer/Expert with long experience in film production
Real war curriculum applied to teaching shortens time and income for students

Program documents are built from international textbooks and edited to suit the actual work of film production specialists to ensure that students can apply at the end of the course. always at work.

Facilities: Air-conditioned room, eye-catching decoration, inspiring learning for students. Lab and full learning tools ensure training quality.

Commitment to career guidance – Attractive income: Sconnect always welcomes qualified human resources and passion for animation production. In addition to Sconnect, we also have a list of career-oriented affiliates who are always ready to advise and support your work after completing the training course.

Stop motion Lego students get career guidance at SCONNECT

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