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Wolfoo – Good animation for babies that parents can’t ignore

The animated series about the wolf cub Wolfoo is conquering millions of small audiences around the world through funny episodes and meaningful and useful educational lessons.

Cartoons are always a favorite of young children, to be immersed in exciting, colorful adventures, to explore the world around them. Through each episode is an interesting and useful lesson, focusing on developing children’s awareness of 12 elements: courage, gratitude, compassion, empathy, humility, integrity, perseverance, creativity, curiosity, teamwork, emotional self-control and communication.

Wolfoo Family” and “Wolfoo Channel” are two main Wolfoo animation channels on Youtube, there are millions of subscribers, with engaging content for children aged 2-8, highly entertaining and educational. Wolfoo animation has been translated into many different languages ​​and attracts small audiences around the world such as: UK, USA, Australia, Canada, India, Philippines… and even children in Vietnam with the channel “Wolfoo Vietnamese” – Funny children’s animation”. The animated short series about Wolfoo has more than 1000 episodes, each episode is about 3 minutes long, is having more than a billion monthly views on Youtube.

Wolfoo Wolf Family

Wolfoo world revolves around the main character is a 5-year-old wolf boy Wolfoo, who lives with his family on a hill in a small village in America. Wolfoo is an intelligent, agile, mischievous and inquisitive boy. He loves his little sister – Lucy and enthusiastically helps friends and relatives. Wolfoo has always believed in a beautiful, loving world.

Wolfoo learns math

With each episode of Wolfoo, children will learn about a topic close to the surrounding life. The lessons integrated in the episodes focus on stimulating children’s creativity, guiding children to establish healthy habits, taking care of themselves, increasing children’s understanding of culture and diversity. .

Wolfoo and his friends love to explore the vast world, through everyday stories with family, friends, teachers, neighbors. Not only that, the boys and girls also have exciting adventures in the fantasy world, through the modern and mystical objects of Dr Kat, the alien friend with special powers and the personal objects. around.

Following the success of conquering small audiences, Wolfoo is about to launch a series of series that explore the magical world, the world of toys, the world of pirates… The series revolves around Wolfoo’s journey to learn strange things, exciting, adventure through many challenges in different worlds on the journey back home. Wolfoo series episodes promise to bring many interesting experiences for children.

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Sconnect’s Wolfoo Channel entered the “Top 50 Searched Youtube Channels in the US 2020”


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Wolfoo reaches the top 50 searches in the US 2021


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Wolfoo is dominating YouTube for kids

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With a billion monthly views and counting, Wolfoo takes young preschool-aged children around the world on magical adventures

Wolfoo – Good animation for babies that parents can’t ignore


Series phim hoạt hình về sói con Wolfoo đang chinh phục triệu khán giả nhỏ trên thế giới thông qua những tình tiết vui nhộn và các bài học giáo dục bổ ích, ý nghĩa.