Sconnect International Animation Training Academy

Expose your talents in animation world

Teaching staff

The lecturers of SCONNECT Academy invited to teach are real experts at Sconnect- Vietnam’s leading film production enterprise, Director of Vietnam Animation Studio, Vietnamese Film Editor. , Lecturer – Designer of Yet Kieu Academy of Fine Arts. More special is that: The team of experts with knowledge, experience in management and production at Sconnect’s own Studio will “handle the job” to help shorten the time for capacity development and income for students later. upon completion of the course.

Through the courses, the lecturers will impart valuable knowledge about each process – the most specific and clear production stage so that students can easily grasp professional knowledge and immediately apply it to their working activities movie.

Sconnect Academy also builds specialized training groups so that Instructors can assist students in answering questions, interacting with students, doing practice exercises, etc. During the course, the teaching staff , Experts closely follow that group to instruct, closely monitor, help you to acquire knowledge effectively.

Lectures of SCONNECT ACADEMY are also trained and improved to update new knowledge to help students acquire appropriate source knowledge.

The system of lecturers is responsible for editing the curriculum with the goal of keeping abreast of the content of actual production activities, catching up with the trends and needs of the market.